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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What's New!?

So, what's new with you?

Obviously, our blog has a new look.
I can't guarantee it will stay this way because
I'm not totally in love with it
and "Baking Buddy" hasn't even SEEN  it, yet.

What I CAN guarantee is that she will have an opinion
one way or the other...
I just don't know which way it will swing.

And since this is her blog, too,
we will let her make some revisions
should she find it necessary!

Some of you know us personally, some don't.

For those who don't know us, let me sum us up as very happy people who love to
eat and bake and cook and eat.
(Did I say "eat" twice?)
That wasn't an accident.

We have decided, though, that our current way of living
is a bit on the unhealthy side
and we need to make a few changes.

So, Baking Buddy and I have joined a gym.

(I'm going to pause here...
  Those of you who really do know us
will need to catch your breath from the roaring laughter
that has spontaneously burst from you!)

O.K.  Now that you have that out of your system, yes,
we have joined a gym and are working very hard to
burn off a calorie or two.

This has taken a toll on our love for baking.

However...NEVER FEAR!

We will continue to bring you delicious dessert recipes, but now, we will also bring you tasty
"What's for Dinner" recipes.
Or, "What should I serve with __________" recipes.
Or, "What can I make out of this hamburger/chicken/pork that is different and exciting" recipes.

Oh, yes, there will be dessert, too.

So, welcome to our new and improved for 2011 Blog!

This blog has been such a fun blessing
and we aren't about to let it go.

Like us, it will just change and improve!

 We love your comments...
And we would love to know how this blog can serve you.

Don't be shy ~  Tell us what you think!

And remember...

you are loved

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